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Summertime and the Livin� Is Busy
We live in a world where the phone is always ringing, the cell phone is always with us, e-mail needs to be answered, text messages fly back and forth, and if we have time left over we take care of things like work, school, meals, family, etc� Then Summer comes along and our lives become even more hectic. Now for those of us remember when the Andy Griffith Show wasn�t only a rerun on cable, we remember Summer as a time when things slowed down! A time when people didn�t find more things to cram into their already too busy schedule, but a time to clear their days of things to do, and dare I say it.., relax!
You see, relaxation was never meant to be something to be ridiculed and scorned. We even have a Commandment that.., well commands us to: �Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy�. One of the main ways we are called to keep it holy is by not working! God understood that humans needed time to be renewed and recharged. Without that time we become run down, and you can�t recharge your batteries by using them harder and longer. And when we become run down, it�s our internal batteries that suffer first. Oh, we keep doing all the things society deems most important; work, school, etc.., but our relationships, our marriages, our parenting, and the decisions we make about our private lives, they begin to crumble. It is impossible to be a person who is inwardly peaceful if we don�t carve out for ourselves at least a little quiet time every day.
The starting point of that �quiet time� is God. God is the one who gives us our direction. We need to take time to listen to God�s voice. We are commanded to do this, not because God will punish us if we refuse. We are commanded to do this because we cannot function well without the peace that comes only from God. We may insist that we don�t want to spend this time resting, that we don�t want to spend this time with God, but these arguments make no more sense than a three year old pouting and saying it doesn�t want to eat its� yucky vegetables and fruits, that they will only eat candy and you can�t make them eat anything else! So there!
The result in both cases is that we become more and more unhealthy as time goes on. Stomping our feet, closing our eyes, and covering our ears won�t make the truth go away.
Now, once we get our temper tantrum out of our system we are called to go to God and ask for help sorting out what we need in life from what we want. We ask God to help us sort out the less important things that clutter our lives and steal our time. The secret to learning how to have a more fruitful life is not in learning to save time or get more of it � the secret is in knowing how to use it.
Once we start spending part of the time God has given us with him, and listening to him, we notice a surprising thing happening in our lives. We actually start to feel better. We start to enjoy life more. Peace becomes a real part of our lives. God is no longer something we try to please. We understand that God is someone who loves us and someone we can love!
In Christ�s Name,
Pastor Dan


1st Assistant: Sat.: Nancy Kirchhoff
Sun.: Betty Nelson

2nd Assistant Sat: Lacinda Taplin
Sun.: Shirley Hartgrave

Ushers: Sat.: Donna Fugate
Sun.: Doug & Bev Weitnauer

Greeters: Sat.: Lacinda Taplin

Sun.: Terry Barnes & Harlene Stewart

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Some time while your browsing your FaceBook, type in Hope Lutheran Church! Hope's FaceBook is updated (almost) daily with new information and activities.

Men of Hope Garage Sale &
Women of Hope Bake Sale

MEN OF HOPE YARD SALE: The Men of Hope will be hosting a yard sale at the church on Thursday, July 17 and Friday July 18th from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Saturday, July 19th they will be serving lunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. with the sale running 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. As you�re doing your spring cleaning, don�t pitch those gently used resalable items! Items may be brought to the church Fellowship Hall starting Monday, July 14th. Please see the list below stating the donation guidelines. This will also include a Bake Sale hosted by our Women of Hope, on Saturday only from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. So get those ovens warmed up and your mixer ready to go!


The Men�s Group will start accepting donations Monday, July 14th. Bring donations to the church fellowship hall.

All merchandise brought in for sale becomes the property of Hope�s Men�s Group and must be clean, in good condition, and in working order.

1. No exercise machines, stationary bicycles, tread mills, weights, etc.

2. No computers, computer monitors, printers,televisions, vcr�s, etc.

3. No automotive parts, tires, etc.

4. No broken or non-working items.

5. Clothes must be clean, in good condition and with no holes. Quality that you would want to purchase for yourself.

The Men�s Group will be pricing ALL donations. There is no need for the donor to do this.


We are a body of Christian believers who, under the power of God's Holy Spirit, seek to proclaim the Gospel, mature in faith, and reach out in love to minister to our members, the community, and the world.
If you are looking for a small friendly church to attend please consider giving Hope Lutheran Church a try. We are sure you will like it.
Hope Lutheran Church, Cedar Rapids, IA
Information you need to know about Hope Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids, IA

Welcome! You may browse public areas of our site.
Welcome to Hope's Website

Hope Lutheran Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
Worship: Wednesday's at 12:15, Saturday's at 5:00 p.m. and Sunday's at 9:00 a.m.
Sunday School: Sunday's at 10:15 a.m.
Adult Forum: Saturday at 3:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:15 a.m.

Pastor Dan will be in the office from 9:00 to 11:30 on Tuesday through Saturday.

Sunday, June 29, 2014
5-6:00 p.m.

Pulled Pork
Relish Tray

We will be playing Bingo with prizes awarded to the winners. There is no charge for the meal, however, a free will offering will be taken.

Good Food, Good Fellowship

We are feeding 90+ people at the Free Community Supper that is funded by members of Hope Lutheran and a �free will offering� is also used. If you�d like to help prepare & serve the food, please contact Sharon & Jim Boardman � 364-1146, Nancy Coffman � 396-0387 or Donna Fugate � 363-9183. Monetary donations are also accepted.


Our Wednesday group, �Spirited Seniors" meet every Wednesday following the 12:15 worship at 1:00. A light lunch is served followed by games and cards. If this is something you would like to help out with, please let the office know. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Next month's meeting is Tuesday, June 3rd. 55 Plus will meet at the church at 12:00 for a potluck and meeting.

On Tuesday, July 8th we will meet at 7 pm for a Bible Study.

The project will be school supplies. There will be a box in the Narthex to collect them.

Diane Teig will be hostess and do devotions.

Coming up: Saturday, July 19th (Saturday only) Women of Hope Bake Sale during the Men of Hope Garage Sale.

On Aug. 12, Alivea Carnahan (granddaughter to Bud and Bev Carnahan) will be our speaker. Everyone in the congregation is invited. Plan now to attend and bring a friend to hear Alivea tell the inspiring story of her journey after being badly burned. This will surely be a special night, so don't miss it.

Mid-week Worship Service!
There are mid-week worship services on Wednesdays and they start at 12:15. The service will be a repeat of the previous Sunday�s scripture and sermon. The service will run approximately 30 minutes. It will be a basic Service of the Word (no music) with Holy Communion.
1 Cody Michel
2 Arlene Schreiber
6 Herb Hansen, Luella Morse,
Troy Willard, Zachary Rairdin
7 Shirley Hendrickson
10 Tom Peltier, Samantha Wood
11 Josh Burchland, Allison DeVore,
Cecil Anderson
12 Jenny Johnstone, Josh Rich
14 Kathy Northup
19 Rose Dougherty, Carl Russell
20 Kevin Schmidt, Amanda Fratzke,
Tabetha Mooney
22 Lisa Greif
23 Cindy Rossman, Jordan Greif
25 Robyn Clark-Bridges, Sue Williams
27 Shirley Hartgrave, Jen Shoemaker

If your birthday is in June, but you are not
listed, please call the church office at 365-3105
or 365-3999. Thanks.

Food Bank Weekends
Just a reminder that the 1st weekend of each month is designated to bring non-perishable food for those less fortunate and fill the grocery cart. Food is will be taken to the Crossroads Mission. The Missions� food supply is constantly being depleted.

CrossRoads is in need of the following items for their food bank:

Canned meat
Canned fruit
Peanut Butter
Pancake Mix
Macaroni & cheese

Other Items of Interest...
<b>NEWSLETTER DEADLINE:</b> All articles <b>MUST</b> be handed in, in writing or via e-mail by the deadline. Please do not call them into the office. The deadline for the Highlights is the 15th of the month. It will be the <b>15th EVERY MONTH</b> to avoid confusion. Due to longer mailing time, we would like to be able to get it in the mail prior to the end of the month. Please get your articles and events into the office on time. Thank you.

<b>Are you getting credit for your offering?</b> When you give your offering, please be sure to put your name on the envelope. Many times a blank envelope comes through the offering without any identification. Without a name or member number, the counters have no way of knowing to whom they should be giving the credit. Unidentified offerings go into "loose" change.

<b>When leaving the building:</b> lock the doors, close the windows, and turn off the lights.

Where is Hope Located?
Hope Lutheran Church is located at 2736 Bowling Street SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.

From Highway 30, exit onto the Bowling Street/Kirkwood Boulevard exit. Turn north on Bowling Street.

Phone numbers: Office (319) 365-3105; Kitchen (319) 365-3999; Pastor Dan 319-350-5484

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This site is maintained by Kris K. Please email any comments, news, or other information to Kris at
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