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Welcome to Immanuel Lutheran Church - Gaylord online!

Immanuel Lutheran Church
IMMANUEL VISION - We are a friendly, growing congregation, united in our commitment to support and encourage individuals and families, both young and old, as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, to grow in love and faith, and to learn and live by the Word of the Lord.

**Worship Services Sundays 9:00am
**Sunday School/Adult Education Hour following Worship

Immanuel Lutheran Church:
312 5th Street
PO Box 448
Gaylord, MN 55334

Immanuel Lutheran School:
417 High Avenue
PO Box 448
Gaylord, MN 55334

9:00am Worship Service - 1ST & 3RD Sun with Holy Communion
10:15 am Youth Group

8:30 a.m. I.L.S. Chapel

Worship Service Cable Channel 8 at 10am and 2pm
Holy Communion at Immanuel at 10:30 - 1st Wednesday of the month

Holy Communion at Oak Terrace Nursing Home - 3rd Thursday at 10:30
Ladies Aid - 3rd Thursday at 1:30pm
Men's Club - 3rd Thursday at 7:00pm

On Sunday, July 8th, Immanuel Lutheran Church and School celebrated a Decommissioning and Ground Breaking Service. Asbestos removal started July 10th. Destruction of the old school building began July 17th.

Now, one year later, we have a new Immanuel Lutheran School and Shining Stars Learning Center.

Immanuel Lutheran School Building

Sleeping Room for Babies

Main Entry

Kindergarten - Grade 1 Room

Pre-K 4 Room

Grades 2 - 4

Upper Grades Room


New Gym

Youth Group Room

Commons Area

Ages 3 and under

Mrs. Elia Peterson, Director of the Shining Stars Learning Center
May10th 2015 Bulletin
Immanuel Lutheran Church & School, Gaylord MN


Sunday Worship: 207

Home Purpose $6213.00
Debt Drive $125.00
SSLC Tuition $1319.64
Mortgage/Building $2025.00

Total Home Purpose $9682.64
Needed to make budget $10,161.00

China Mission $150.00
MN South Missions $275.00
Needed weekly to make Budget;
MN South $226.00
China $113.00

Gifts & Memorials
In memory of Dennis Grams
$5.00 Mortgage Fund

2015 Contributions to date:

Missions: $2986.00
China Mission: $528.00
Debt Fund: $648.00

This Week At Immanuel

9:00 am Worship Service
featuring the music of
Chuck Thiel & the Jolly Ramblers
10:15 Sunday School
Bible Study
Donut/Rolls Fellowship

6:30 Bd of Christian Ed
7:00 Bd of Elders
7:30 Bd Trustees
8:00 Church Council

8:30 I.L.S. Chapel

10:30 Communion Service at ILC

9:00 am Worship Service w/communion
10:15 am Sunday School
Bible Study (Last Day of Sunday School)
Youth Group Business Meeting

Ministry of Church & School, Gaylord, Minnesota
Teaching Staff/Administration at ILS:
Principal/Teacher: Mr. Ben Holten
Teachers: Mrs. Emily LaPlant, Mrs. Connie Scharf,
and Mrs. Joan Zumhofe
Shining Stars Learning Center:
Director/Teacher: Mrs. Elia Peterson
Web Site:
Church: (507) 237-2380 School (507) 237-2804

OUR VISION: We are a friendly, growing congregation, united in our commitment to support and encourage individuals and families, both young and old, as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, to grow in love and faith, and to learn and live by the Word of the Lord.

WELCOME TO IMMANUEL! We are so pleased that you are here to worship our dear Lord with us. God's rich blessing to you! Please sign our guest book and give your complete address.
We celebrate the Lord's Supper on the first and third Sunday of each month. The center of each tray for the distribution of the wine is 1/3 wine and 2/3 grape juice, while the remainder of the tray is all wine.
Immanuel has individual receivers to help you if you have hearing difficulties and a wheelchair is available if needed. Also, large print hymnals and service folders are available. Please ask for assistance from one of the ushers if desiring this help.
Our worship services are broadcast on Cable Channel 8 on Wednesdays at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. On the first Wednesday of each month at 10:30 am, Holy Communion is celebrated at Immanuel. Office hours are 9:00 am-3:30 pm.

May 10th, 2015
Sixth Sunday of Easter

SERVING TODAY Pastor Schwanke; Elder on duty: Joel Kuphal; Greeters: Fred & Ruth Asmus; Cross Bearer: Hannah Ebert.

PRAYERS: JoAnne Abraham, Dennis Grack, Connie Scharf, Clinton Robeck, Elmer Pitzner, and Mae Barfknecht.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: May 17th will be the last day for Sunday School.

WEDNESDAY COMMUNION SERVICE: at Immanuel Lutheran Church will be changed to Thursday, May 14th at 10:30 instead of Wednesday.

ARE YOU MISSING A PAN: we have quite a few pans in the kitchen that have been left behind. If you think you have left one please look in the kitchen. They are stacked up on the right counter when you first walk into the kitchen. Thank you.

MEALS_ON_WHEELS VOLUNTEERS: are needed for the month of June. This is one of 3 months that Immanuel has committed to assisting the Senior Center by delivering nutritious noon meals to elderly residents of Gaylord. One or two days, a week or two. You can reserve your M-F delivery days. Youth licensed drivers are welcome and needed. If you need a partner or teammate, we can work with that, too. If you have a couple of free hours from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., please consider being a volunteer. Questions or to schedule your delivery dates, please call JoAnn and Linda Zachow, 237-5244. Thank you for your help.

COMMUNION CARDS: on Communion Sunday's please fill out a card with your name on with your family members that receive communion. They are located on the stand in the fellowship hall by the coat racks.

MAILBOXES: Have you found your mailbox? We have updated the mailboxes which resulted in a little movement. Remember your mail is BELOW your name. We have also attempted to provide the young adults with their own mailbox so if you did not previously have one you may have one now. Parents if you have grown children away from home let us know whether they should have a mailbox of their own. We are also planning on providing a section of mailboxes for the youth of the congregation. Grades 7th-12th check it out and let the church office know if you still need one. Please leave a message with the church office if any additions or changes are necessary. Thank You!

HELP WANTED: we have a couple of families looking for daycare for young children (9 months) when they are older they will attend the Learning Center. If you are able to help, please contact Elia Peterson (507) 237-2804.

DONUTS/ROLLS & FELLOWSHIP: today following the church service in the Fellowship Hall.

WOW ZONE: The youth group will be going to the Wow Zone on May 23rd. This is open to all 7th grade and up. Please contact Ricci (507)237-2586 or Andy (507)237-2024 to sign up.

OFFERING ENVELOPES: Please remember to write your name on your offering envelopes. This will ensure your contribution is recorded to the correct account. Thank You.

LOST AND FOUND BOX: In the church office we have a lost and found box. There are two umbrellas, an Adidas bag, a cane, and a pair of black women's gloves. If you are missing any of these items please pick them up in the office.

GIBBON FARMER'S MARKET: The market will be held on Monday's from 3-6 p.m. beginning July 8th and running through October. They would love to have you sell your wares at their Farmer's Market. There is no fee to be a vendor. The market will be located at Hillman's Tiling & Backhoe (former CJ's restaurant) along Highway 19. If you wish to participate or receive more information, please contact Sue Bentz at (507)834-6636.

PASTORAL CARE: If you have a pastoral need, hospital visit, and/or an emergency please contact Pr. Harold Storm at his office/home number (507) 237-2782 or his cell phone at (507) 779-8844. You may also contact Pr. Schwanke on Tuesday from 8:30-2:30 at the church office (507) 237-2380 or speak to him on Sunday morning. Other concerns can be directed to the head elder Jim Kehr at (507) 380-0946.

Building Pictues

Immanuel�s PTL is selling the remainder of their cookbooks at the bargain price of $5.00 or $12.00 for 3 books! Stop at the table in the fellowship hall before and after services or in the church office during the week.

Call Process
CALL Meeting

March 2014- February 2015 Ushers Schedule
March 2014 February 2015

March Team 5
April Team 1
May Team 3
June Team 4
July Team 2
August Team 6
September Team 5
October Team 1
November Team 3
December Team 4
January Team 2
February Team 6

Team 1
Allan Zachow, Captain
Dennis Busse
Keith Hed
Wally Reckdahl
Aaron Wendorff
Emma Wendorff
Izaak Wendorff
Rachel Holten
Micah Holten
Ruth Holten
Jim Kehr

Team 2
Joel Kuphal, Captain
Alex Bessel
Brendan Bessel
Joel Ebert
Kevin Henke
Ethan Henke
Dylan Henke
Scott Kuphal
Travis Grack
Andrew Grack
Daniel Becker
Travis Tessmer
Andrew Swenson
Lukas Messner
Tyler Messner
Ellie Messner

Team 3
Allen Hahn, Captain
Austin Hahn
Lucas Sing
Jerry Hahn
Derek Hahn
John Siewert
Jordan Bruss
Nicolas Bruss
Logan Bruss
Ron Bruss
Carron Kranz
Hannah Kranz

Team 4
Jim Kuphal, Captain
Loren Evers
Steven Goetsch
Kyle Goetsch
Erik Goetsch
Douglas Peterson
Trevor Otto
Gary Roepke
Alex Sell
A.J. Streich

Team 5
Steve Pitzner, Captain
Ian Sing
Fred Latzke
Mason Latzke
Gerald Lorentz
William Paine
Thomas Paine
Ryan Sommer
Brent Sommer
Cody Swenson
Beau Swenson
Sam Abraham
Madison Latzke
Carly Martin

Team 6
Kelly B. Captain
Melford Franke
Andrew Franke
Orlin Sylvester
Nate Uecker
Jeff Zumhofe
Zachary Borchert
James Otto
Lauren Otto
Melissa Otto
Tim Otto
Austin Kuphal
Kaylea Kuphal

CIRCLE ONE Updated July 2012
Karen Grack and Donna Zachow, co-chairpersons
Karen 237-2663 Donna 237-5163

Walter & Eunice Asmus
Kari Evans
Herb & Betty Gahler
Cassie Hahn
Maynard & Cordella Husfeldt
Tyler & Julie Kranz
Kevin Martens
Karen Messner
Richard & Sharon Pomplun
David & Karen Ruehling
Jason Ruehling
Richard Uecker
Terry & Trudy Wendorff

Erive Asmus & Carol Borchardt, co-chairpersons

Fred & Ruth Asmus
Audrey Borchert
Diane Dietz
Marlene Evers
Tom & Danielle Frauendienst
Keith & Ruth Hed
Kevin & Peggy Henke
Jesse & Krista Kranz
Joel Kuphal
Bill & Cheri Magers
Jerry & Phyllis Marth
Glenna Mielke
Brenda Poquette
Brent & Hollie Sommer
Greg & Debra Swenson
Orlin & Donna Sylvester
George & Lorraine Uecker
Warren Wentzlaff
Lorraine Wentzlaff

Darlene Kranz, Sharon Hahn & Eunice Peterson, co-chairpersons

Aggie Barrick
Kurt & Laurie Becker
Lyndsey Becker Schultz
Byron and Mavis Bonk
Cindy Borchert
Joel & Debra Ebert
Gladys Fenske
Sheldon & Barb Goetsch
Virginia Heidmann
Lorna Kuphal
Scott Kuphal
Lori Martens
Craig & Shelley Quast
Dan & Rhonda St. John
Marlene Uecker
JoAnn Zachow

Eldrene Ebert & Bea Goetsch, co-chairpersons

Bill & Verona Braasch
Arlene Compart
Ruben Ebert
Wayne Fisher
Byre & Elaine Fowler
Dana Goetsch
Dick Goetsch
Hans & Shirley Kranz
Jim & Myrna Kuphal
Steve Kuphal
Allen & Janice Larson
Gerald & Lynette Lorentz
Angela Nelson
Tom, Melissa Podratz
Waldo Reckdahl
Verne & Donna Schlueter
Lee Montanye & Monica Tessmer
Jessica Uecker

Dorothy Stolt & Mavis Siewert, co-chairpersons

Marlene Abraham
Jill Bening
Gladys Busse
Harlan and Mary Fisher
Brad Goetsch
Travis & Cathy Grack
LaDonna Grochow
Ben and Jeanne Holten
Cheryl Kauffmann
David & Holly Kranz
Mabel Krueger
Ron Kuphal
Charles & Evie McGonigle
Ray & Gisela Meyer
Milo and Viola Quast
Glenn & Sandy Schlueter
Scott Becker/Melissa Tessmer
Corey & Miranda Uecker
Roman Zachow

Phyllis Meffert & Arlene Pinske, co-chairpersons

Wally Brede
Barb Easland
Duane & Maren Goetsch
Don & Brenda Grochow
Dan & Kathy Haggenmiller
Rev & Rachel Hinz
Helen Ingvalson
Darren & Chris Kloempken
Mark & Arlene Kuphal
Rev & Laura Luehmann
Ron & Carol Otto
Elwood Peterson
Dean & Kerry Reid
Guy Robeck
Ian and Kimberly Sing
Janet Thoele
Jerry Uecker
Clint & Jeana Wibstad
Jeff & Joan Zumhofe

Marlis Henke & Helen Bernstein, co-chairpersons

Dorothy Agre
Ron & Jeanne Bruss
Melford & LaVern Franke
Cutter Goetsch
Steve & Mary Goetsch
David Hahn
Jerry & Amy Hahn
Barb Harbarth
Jacob & Sharon Kranz
James & Heidi Otto
Linda Piotter
Michael Piotter
Betsy Steuwe
Judy Tessmer
Bernice Volinkaty
Matt & Courtney Kehr
Jim Kehr

Lorraine Bruss, Vernette Mehlhop, co-chairpersons

Barb Asmus
Allen & Ardis Hahn
Diane Harbarth
Gary & Shirley Kloempken
Marvin and Janice Kuphal
Jim, Julie Landaas
Karen Lang
Fred & Stacy Latzke
Dale & Maxine Maass
Steve Mehlhop
David & Rita Severin
Mike & Sharon Stumm
Linda Swanson
Bert Sylvester
Ken & Debbie Uecker
Jeramiah & Ruth Williams
Andy & Healther Zellman

Sandy Schulte, Joan Roepke, co-chairpersons

Gladys Alsleben
Angeline Blaser
Dennis & Eileen Busse
Dennis & Leslie Eisenbraun
Roxanne Franke
Virginia Hahn
Lorraine Hildebrandt
Wilbert & Arlene Hildebrandt
Dale & Avis Klukas
David & Emily Kuphal
Greg Kuphal and Tammy Roepke
Jr and LuAnn Kuphal
John and Tricia Mielke
Tiffany Oestreich
Clarence & Lilah Otto
Thomas and Marilyn Pikal
Larry & Debbie Podratz
Colleen Robeck
Ken & Barb Rosin
Eric & Amy Sell
Dianne Uecker
Rodney Volinkaty
Keith & Julie Waytashek
Mark & Patsy Waytashek
Kathy Wiste

Phyllis Severin, Louise Meyer, Co-Chairpersons

Brian & Diana Asmus
Kelly Baggenstoss
David & Loralee Emme
Leah Enbom/Michael Ivorsen
Jacob & Sharon Kranz
Luke & Stacey Kranz
Mitchell & Jessica Kranz
Janette & Kathy Kuphal
Lorraine Larson
Paul & Diana Meyer
Jeff & Wanda Paine
Rand and Ricci Peterman
Steve Pitzner
Gene & Pat Solmonson
Erin & Amy Swenson
Dan & Joanne Uecker
Howard Weckworth
Linda Zachow
Ron Green
Dick and Noreen Hebeisen

Phyllis Severin
Ginny Heidmann
Donna Zachow
Joan Roepke
Noreen Hebeisen
Helen Bernstein
Lorraine Larson
Lorraine Wentzlaff
Sandy Schulte
Sharon Hahn
Ervie Asmus
Eldrene Ebert
Arlene Pinske
Shirley Kranz
Bea Goetsch
There have been a number of questions regarding Immanuel's Cemetery regulations. Please read this over - if you have any questions, please call the church office or Marvin or David. Thank you.


The Sexton's responsibilities are as follows:
1. Sell plots
2. Stake out plots
3. Stake out monuments
4. Keep proper records
5. See that all Congregation policies are followed
6. Contact the surviving family if a monument needs to be repaired. If no family is available or willing to do the repairs, the trustees shall be notified.

All graves are to have markers as follows:
1. Military markers are acceptable
2. Flat stones: Maximum width of 24' maximum length single 36', double 60'
3. Single high stones: maximum length of 36' maximum height of 36'
4. Double monuments may be maximum width of 60' maximum height of 36'
5. All high monuments are to have a minimum of 6' for a concrete base around the stone for ease of mowing.
6. Adult grave section rows are to be 14 feet.

Adult graves to be 3 ft. wide, 8 ft. long, 4½ ft. deep, 18 in. apart.
Baby graves to be 20 in. wide, 3 ft. long, 3 ft. deep, 18 in. apart.
Vaults must be used in all graves.

Monuments may be placed before death on first vacant lot in the row that is presently being used.

Grave plots go strictly in rotation. Plots may be reserved for husband, wife, sons, daughters, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law. If plot is reserved, a marker as previously described must be placed within six (6) months. Husband is to be buried to the north of the wife.

Non-members of Immanuel, but of the Lutheran Faith and a Christian spouse of a member of Immanuel, are allowed to be buried in Immanuel Cemetery. They must pay the set fee for this plot. Non-member purchase price of a single lot is $300.00, non-refundable. Members of Immanuel are not charged for a plot.

Cremation remains may be buried in a regular cemetery plot and enclosed in a concrete vault. The vault is to be buried 48' deep. Remains of more than one cremated body may be buried in one standard plot. The husband is to be buried at the head of the plot. The Sexton is to map the exact location of each cremation vault.

Flowers and plants are to be placed where they interfere the least with mowing. Flowers and plants cannot be placed before May 1st and must be removed from the Cemetery before October 1st. Flowers and plants remaining after October 1st will be disposed of. Flowers may be placed on the gravesite for a limited period of time after a funeral. A notice will be put in the Church Bulletin each year to notify family to remove flowers and plants.
CEMETERY SEXTONS: David Ruehling and Floyd Bernstein

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