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About our Pastor
<!-- DO NOT REMOVE THIS OR YOUR "Top of Page" Links WILL NOT WORK --><A NAME="top"></A><!-- DO NOT INSERT ANY POSTINGS ABOVE THIS OR YOUR "Top of Page" Links WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY -->Pastor June Fryman graduated from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio with a B.A. in Religion. She received her Master of Divinity Degree from Trinity Lutheran Seminary. Pastor June served as an Intern Pastor for the Kaohsiung Community Church for her two year seminary internship in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Her first call was to serve as an Associate Pastor at First Lutheran Church in Shelby, Ohio. She began her ministry here at Faith Lutheran in March 2001.

Her husband, Jeff, is a science teacher at North Adams High School, in Adams County, Ohio, and they have two daughters, Sarah and Heather.

Our Staff and Current Council Members
Secretary: Cindy Roche'
Chancel Choir Director: Rhonda Wheasler
Organist: Tammy Maynard
Accompanists: Rhonda Wheasler, Priscilla Cary

Council Members
Terry Johnson: President
Steve Vincent: Vice President & Fellowship Committee
Harlene Rein: Worship Committee
Lee Kolodziej: Service & Mission Committee
Amy Wilson: Financial Secretary & Support Committee
Gerry Schultz: Property/Support Committee
Lani Brannum: Learning & Youth Committees
Linda Hall: Recording Secretary (ex officio)
Terri Roberts: Treasurer (ex officio)

Other informative church links:
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America:
Southern Ohio Synod:

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Faith Lutheran Constitution
Values Statement
The members of Faith Lutheran Church value, above all else, a personal relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
*We demonstrate this through our prayer life and our study of Holy Scriptures.
**Out of our personal relationship God helps us to recognize our spiritual gifts and to desire to use them to further God's kingdom.

We value worship as a time to show our love and appreciation for the gifts God has given us.
*We demonstrate this by finding a sacred time each week to meet with others and to focus on offering praise and thanksgiving in a variety of ways to an awesome, yet personal God.
**From our worship the Lord inspires, uplifts and strengthens us to carry out his will.

We value the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion as the means of grace.
*We demonstrate this by affirming our own baptism and supporting the baptism of fellow believers, and by partaking of the holy supper, a central element of our worship life, at every opportunity.
**From these sacraments we receive God's call to new life and are granted the assurance of forgiveness.

We value discipleship as our commitment to living God's Word and to sharing the good news with others.
*We demonstrate this by loving all, as Jesus taught, striving to make our spiritual and earthly resources available to others, and witnessing the Gospel's importance to our daily lives.
**From our discipleship we receive the joy of knowing that we are obeying Jesus' commands to love one another and to make disciples of all nations.

We value Christian fellowship, welcoming all as equals in the eyes of God.
*We demonstrate this by working to include all in celebration of Word and Sacrament, and in rejoicing and mourning together in love.
**Fellowship, as Jesus modeled, creates in us sensitivity toward the needs and problems of others and tolerance for the differences between us.

We value generous and joyful giving from the many gifts God has given us.
*We demonstrate this by striving to give the Biblical tithe of 10% and by giving of our time and talents to serve our Faith family, our community and our world.
**We receive all we have from God.

Our Vision Statement
This vision statement is the result of congregational discussion and prayer about where our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is leading us as a congregation of believers within Wilmington, OH. This vision helps us to better understand our mission as a congregation of Christ's church on earth. It also helps us to honor and live out the values statements we espouse.

This vision statement will guide our planning and decision-making over the next 5 to 10 years.

We the members of Faith Lutheran Church envision that:

* There will be evidence that our members will have a greater personal relationship with the Lord, in that there will be more participation in prayer groups, Bible study groups, and other Christian educational opportunities

* Annual average worship attendance will increase by 10% each year with a greater percentage of our members worshipping regularly.

* Our members will identify and employ their spiritual gifts in service to the Lord

* Our members will give back to their congregation and to local and global communities through service and outreach to those in need.

* Our congregation will joyfully establish active ministries for all ages and subgroups of the congregation as their need becomes apparent.

* Our congregation will be more diverse by all measures, because we seek new members and we accept anyone who wishes to worship.

* Fellowship events will be increasingly well-attended, meaningful and relevant to our mission.

* We will still have financial concerns, but only because we will have many successful ministries to fund. These ministries will be supported because they are relevant to our mission. Support will come from members giving back generously of their time, talents and money to God.

A Brief History of Faith Lutheran Church

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Click this link to read our history

Spring, 2004
2004 marked the 50th anniversary of Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, the only ELCA Lutheran Church in Clinton County.
Ministries of our congregation
The following is a list of many of the ministries of our congregation. The list is in no particular order.
*Lay-led homebound communion teams
*Food pantry team
*Meals for Friends of Juvenile Court
*Pastor's Giving Fund
*Various prayer groups: Prayer chain, Prayer team
*Various music ministries: Choir
*Various Bible study groups: adult classes on Sundays, Women's Bible study on Monday and Saturday mornings
*many more as needs arise
Spiritual Gifts Identification and Implementation

About 60 people learned about Spiritual Gifts from Pastor Boese.
Do you know the Spiritual Gift that the Holy Spirit gave you at baptism? Pastor Neal Boese, special consultant on evangelism for our synod, conducted a workshop on spiritual gifts and has guided our Spiritual Gifts Team to help you identify and use the gift God gave you. If you were unable to attend, the website link will help you determine your gift.
Spiritual Gift Inventory
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Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration
On February 24 of 2004 we celebrated our congregation's 50th Anniversary. Bishop Cal Holloway of the Southern Ohio Synod preached the sermon. We also dedicated a quilt made by members of the congregation to commemorate the event. It will hang in the Fellowship Hall.

50th Anniversary Quilt

The women who worked on the quilt.

Bishop Holloway and two charter members: Bill Mitchell and Margery Hale.

Family Fun!

At FLC we take our spiritual life seriously, but still believe in having fun together. We regularly provide activities for the young and the young-at-heart that promote both faith and fellowship.

Our first Shrove Tuesday party: pancakes, sausage, toppings, homemade puffball pastries, and genuine New Orleans King cakes! Young and old enjoyed the food and fellowship! This year we held a community spagetti dinner with donations supporting our food pantry. Donations amounted to $1400 and Thrivent Financial gave a matching gift of $1000 for a total of $2400+ for our food pantry!

Shrove Tuesday kitchen crew

It was a family affair.
China night out

Pastor June and Jeff spent a week in China. They showed their slides and we shared a great Chinese meal (food from Great Taste Restaurant).

Faith Vacation Bible School/Day Camp
Our Vacation Bible School is a Day Camp at the church. It is staffed each summer by Lutheran Outdoor Ministry and Outreach (LOMO) and our own members. It is so successful, that we have a Day Camp Reunion in the fall. This year was a week of service to others.

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2003 Day camp photo file is large and may take a while to download.

Great staff from LOMO

Making soup to serve the hungry at Your Father's Kitchen.

Picking 65 doz ears of sweet corn to give away to the needy.

We had fun at everything we did!
Summer Wednesday Adventures
Youth meet for biking, canoeing, swimming and more on Wednesdays during the summer. Fellowship, snacks and devotions make this a popular series of events. See the Church Newsletter section of this website for current information.

A few of the our "bikers" on the Little Miami Scenic Trail.
Mission Support

Dan and Kathy Smith when they visited.
We contribute to the support of ELCA missionaries. Currently we support the ministry of Pastor David and Alicia Brondos to Mexico. Cal Holloway III in Japan. Previously we supported Cal Holloway III to Japan, Dale Linder to Camaroon, Dan and Kathy Smith, to Tanzania and Ps.Jenny Mason during her ministry to Chile.
Community Support

Walk for Cystic Fibrosis

Rain did not dampen the spirits- $25,000 was raised by the event!
Youth Photos

Basement of Youth Center; mural painted by Chris Ingraham.

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