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You've seen it all around you....the red, the hearts, the candy, the valentines, the flowers.....ways to show love in the month of February.
But Jesus, your Savior, showed us love in a very special way. He came as a baby, became human and lived here on earth among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. (John 1:14).
Jesus came to be our redemption. Our answer to sin and its punishment. The key to heaven and eternal life with God. What wondrous love is that!

As we take time in this month to reflect on love and the love for those around us,let us also remember the Great Love that caused our Savior to do what He did, so we His people could live with Him in heaven. FOREVER.

You are precious to Him. So precious that He became like you so that you would come to Him. When you struggle, He listens. when you yearn, He responds. When you question,He hears. He has been there. And He wants to be there with you.


Bind me to You forever, give courage from above.
Let not my weakness sever, Your bond of lasting love.

I look in faith, believing that You have died for me,
Your cross and crown receiving: I live eternally!

2016 YOUTH GATHERING....coming this summer
Theme: In Christ Alone
Watch for continuing fund raisers to help fund our youth. Registration has been completed. 8 youth and 3 leaders will attend. Your support is very appreciated.

Don't forget that BLUE BUCKET!!!!!


February 4...Ladies Aid 6:00pm
February 6...Men's Group
February 8...Board of Education Meeting
February 9...Pastor's Circuit Mtg 9-12
LWML Prayer Meeting 1:30pm St. John's Sullivan
Elder's Meeting 6:00pm
Quilting 6:00pm
February 10...ASH WEDNESDAY 7:00pm
February 11...Council Meeting 7:00pm
February 13...Women's Breakfast 9-11:30am
St. John's Stone Bank
February 20...Men's group 7:00pm
February 23...Quilting

All Wednesday Lenten Services are at 7:00pm


Pastor Dukovan has Bible Study on Sunday mornings beginning at 8:30 AM. He is reviewing Law and Gospel. Please join this study to review these two doctrines of Scripture.

Sunday School continues at 8:00am.
Come and make the Circle of Friends complete!

***** THE WAR ROOM*****

Please join us Saturday, February 6 at 1:00pm to watch and talk about the inspiring and powerful movie called THE WAR ROOM.

Prayer is a powerful weapon that God gives to us, His people. The battle is all around us. Are you ready?

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Voigt or Pastor.


Our church is collecting Box Tops for education, Campbell Soup Labels, and Piggly Wiggley cash regisyer receipts.

Please bring these items to church and place in the containers in the Cry Room. Thanks so much! ask friends or neighbors who might need to know about the wonderful God who has died for you, washed you clean, walks with you, blesses you, and is right now preparing a very special place for you in heaven. So many do not know about Him yet. You might be that person to help plant a seed. Or come to renew your life of worship and praise to our awesome and incredible God. If your children are in Sunday School, invite a friend or neighbor to come along and experience music, prayer, and especially the Word as we explore new themes each week and make it come to life!! Adults and parents invited too!!!
Thrivent Members:Please "make a difference" by calling the Thrivent number listed in The Visitor. It will lead you to direct Thrivent Choice Dollars for the quarter. Please be sure to verify the church address. Cpntact Judy Kehl with any questions.

If there are any times that you would like to donate flowers to beautify the altar, please sign up on the bulletin board in back of church, or contact the Altar Guild people in charge of the month (see The Newsletter) Contact Evie Liesener or Rosie Zoller.

Sunday School update....

We still are looking for anyone who might be interested in sharing their talents or special skills with our children. Contct pastor if you might like to do this ona Sunday morning...he has the themes for the year. Or, perhaps you might like to just be downstairs to assist in a hands-on craft or lesson. Anyone and everyone is invited to share. Your help will be a great asset to our children learning about the love and grace of their Savior.

A special thanks to all the families and friends who came to attend our Children's Christmas Ever Service, helped with the candy bags, to the youth who used their gifts of music for the offering time, to all who helped to put the service together in any way, shape or form....MANY THANKS! You were all appreciated.,

PLEASE REMEMBER ............the families in need in our community by donating to the Ashippun Bread Basket. Just pick up an extra item while you are out shopping, and place it in the cart in the Narthex. The bulletin will keep you posted on specific needs that might arise. Thank you! the outgoing officers for our church. And congratulations to the new officers and those who were re-elected.

Thanks also to everyone who came up to bat and helped us meet our obligations in 2015. it was very much appreciated.

Thanks to each one of you for what you do for this congregation.

Yummy Snacks....are always needed for Sunday School classes. Please talk to Pastor if you would like to bring some for Sunday
morning class.

The Ashippun Bread Basket asks that you remember the families that are in need of help throughout the year. Donations are always welcomed to the Pantry. if you pick up any extra items as you shop, place them in the cart that is in the narthex. Current needs are soup, peanut butter, cereal, and canned fruit. Your gifts are always appreciated and spread the love of Jesus to those around us.


During the season of Lent, we will be exploring the beauty and wonder of the hymn "O Sacred Head Now Wounded" which is based on a medieval poem by Bernard of Clainraux. Each of the seven sections will be given to the Lenten service that week. Come be filled with its grandeur and expression as we prepare for the Passion of our Savior.

O Sacred Head Now Wounded
Here I will stand beside you,Your death for me my plea.
Let all the world deride You, I clasp You close to me.
My awe cannot be spoken, to see you crucified,
But in your body broken, REDEEMED, I SAFELY HIDE!

THE GOSPEL IN A NUTSHELL:"For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, so that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him". John 3:16-17

Spread the Word!!!

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