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Before School Child Care Program

The care and education of children is a society's single most important task. To help busy parents meet this responsibility, Faith Lutheran provides a Before School Child Care Program for toilet trained children ages three and up for students at its Preschool, DeMotte Elementary, or KVIS. Transportation to DeMotte Elementary and KVIS will be supplied by the KV School Corporation. Students at those schools will be picked up early enough to attend the school supplied breakfast.

Registration and fee payments can be made by mailing in the above registration form.

The Faith Before School Child Care is in session from 6:00 a.m. until bus pick up or Faith’s preschool starts.

To register the child for our program, the parents must fill out required forms and pay a $25.00 registration fee. If the family doesn’t have an adequate amount of hours on an emergency card from the previous year, or doesn’t have one at all, another $50.00 for the emergency care card will be required.

2013-14 Fees
The rate for regular child care hours is $8.00 per day. A day’s fee is charged whenever the student is present, regardless of length of time. Children may be registered for any number of days per week, but it must be consistent from week to week. Parents are required to specify which days their child will participate on the enrollment form. A discounted weekly rate at $35.00 is available.

Every Monday, a bill for services rendered will be prepared and submitted to the parent. To keep your child registered, all fees must be paid by the following Friday. In addition, parents will be required to purchase a $50.00 emergency card per child, which will cover costs of child care in times when school is delayed or cancelled. On days when school is cancelled we will offer child care until 12:00 p.m. We will care for your child during school cancellations or delays at a rate of $5.00 an hour. A $50.00 card will cover 10 hours of emergency care. This card can also be used for those times when a family may decide to use the program for more days than they signed up for. However, this opportunity is also dependent on available enrollment for that day. Faith will not take more than 30 children a day.

If hours are remaining on the emergency card at the end of the school year, the difference will be refunded to the family or carried over to the next year.

Multi-Child Discount

For families registering a second child, the registration fee will be $20.00 and the Emergency Card will be $40.00. The daily rate will be $6.00, while the weekly rate will be $20.00.

More on the Emergency Card

When the emergency card is used charges will be assessed at $2.50 per half hour. The half hour rate will be assessed at the :15 and :45 minutes mark on the clock. The card will not be given to the families, but will be held by the administrator. In order to keep a child enrolled in our daycare program, the family must have an active card with at least five hours credit on it.

Late Pick Up Assessment Fee

If a child is under our care on the days when school is cancelled, arrangements must be made to have that child picked up by at least 4:00 p.m. If a child is not picked up by then, the fee will jump to $5.00 a quarter hour.


Monies left over at the end of the year, will be applied to the following year. If the student is not returning, any extra balance will be returned at the end of the school year.

Dates of Service

The before-school program is open every school day of the year. It does not operate during in-service, institute and conference days, or vacations.


Child care will be open from 6:00 a.m. until children are picked up by their bus or until Faith’s preschool starts. Under no circumstances may a child arrive prior to 6:00 a.m.


Transportation to the Before School Child Care Program is the parent’s responsibility. Transportation to DeMotte Elementary and KVIS is being supplied by the KV school corporation. If a family, who has a child enrolled at any other school than above, wishes to use our program, they must provide their own transportation for that child to the school.


The program fee covers the cost of a light breakfast provided by Faith’s child care program. However, this is not a substitute for a nutritious breakfast. Children should eat breakfast at home or at the school. In case of school closings or fog delays, breakfast, lunch, and extra snacks will be provided at no extra cost.

Pick Up Policy

In times of emergencies, we understand that someone else might have to pick up the student. In such situations, we will allow only those named on the registration form to pick up the child. A photo ID (driver’s license) will be asked for identification before releasing the child to the care of that individual.


The care and education of children is a society’s single most important task. To help meet this responsibility, Faith Lutheran provides a before-school child care program for toilet trained children ages three and up who are students at Faith Lutheran Preschool, DeMotte Elementary, or KVIS.

Children benefit greatly from loving, supportive relationships with caring adults. The staff of our program is committed to providing children with leadership, structure and guidance within an organized and stable environment.

Before children can begin to care for others, they must feel cared for themselves. The home, school, and community provide many opportunities to help children develop into caring, cooperative adults. Faith’s Before School Child Care Program aims to be another place where children can develop self-esteem and self-confidence, and find trust, security, affection and caring.


Faith’s Before School Child Care Program provides children with convenient early morning care. While the before school program is non-instructional, quiet activities such as puzzles, small games, reading, simple art and special projects are provided. Children may also use this time to complete homework. On school delays or cancellation, extra activities will be arranged.


Families will be allowed entrance into the facility at a specified door beginning at 6:00 a.m.


Qualified adults supervise the children under the direction of an administrator. The approximate ratio of students to staff in the before-school program is 10 to 1.


Because of the early hour, parents must personally bring children directly to the facility and sign them in. There are no exceptions to this rule and it will be strictly enforced.


At the time of registration, parents will complete an emergency form. If minor injury occurs, such as a cut or bruise, first aid is given. If a true emergency occurs, the following steps will be taken:
1. Call the paramedics.
2. Try to reach the parents or the emergency contact person.
3. Paramedics and a staff member take the child to the hospital
4. The child must be released to a parent from the hospital.


Faith Lutheran does not assume responsibility for injuries, accidents or loss of personal property that may occur at the
Before School Child Care Program.


The before school program reserves the right to dismiss a child from the program if the child’s behavior makes it difficult for peers, child care staff, or the program itself to function optimally. Failure to meet the second quarterly financial obligations of the program will result in withdrawal of the child.

For more information contact: Jen Wilshire, Program Director Faith Lutheran Church (219-987-3730)

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