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Psalm 66:5 (the Message) Take a look at God's wonders-they will your breath away.

Psalm 74: 47 "You set the limits of the earth; You made the summer and winter."

The geese are feeding. The soft maples are beginning to change to red. Hmmm....can this really be? Is this the start of Fall?

The season's are perhaps the best example of change on the earth. You watch summer's bright greens give way to fall's warmer palette. This we know will fade into winter's gray and white. But just when you long for the sight of green again, spring comes, bringing once more the buds of change and new life.

God must know we would need visuals to remind us of His love and purpose in change. We thank God for the changes in our lives. May we receive them as His way of growing us into what He wants us to be....even when we might not feel that way. Watch for the work of a skillful artist---- God, who designed beauty to be dynamic, to renew itself with change. HE is the only piece that does not change. Ever. Thanks be to God for how all this pieces together and becomes His plan.


Fair are the meadows, Fair are the woodlands,
Robed in the colors of changing Fall.

Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer,
He is the Crown of seasons all.

Fair is the sunshine, Fair is the moonlight,
Bright the sparkling stars on high,

Jesus shines brighter, Jesus shines purer,
Than all the angels in the sky.

Theme: In Christ Alone

Coming closer now! The Gathering will take place in New Orleans, LA. in 2016. Watch for continuing fund raisers to help send our youth. This 2016 summer event will involve young Christians sharing Bible Study, praise, worship and fellowship is tremendous. Thousands of other Christian youth from many areas. Always our thanks for your support and continued prayers.

October 1...Ladies Aid 6:30 PM
October 2...Youth Group Shanty Town
Family Day at Ebert's
October 5...Board of Education
October 6...Fall Rally at St. Paul's
Oct 12-14...Pastor Conference in Onalaska
October 15...Council Meeting
October 17...Men's Gr. Breakfast
October 18...Voter's Meeting
October 27...Quilting


Pastor Dukovan is going through Law and Gospel. This will be for the first 9-12 weeks.It begins at 8:30 and goes to 9:15.

Then on Sunday evenings, there will be a study of includes a look at Jonah, the Reluctant witness, his being sent to a foreign country to spread the message from God, his defiance, God's rescue, and his new opportunities to open God's word to the people of the city. Also, looking at our own reluctance and God's encouragement and forgiveness as we go out into the world.
This will be Sunday evenings at 6:00PM beginning at Pastor's and Jeanette's house. Come and join the discussion and special fellowship!

Please join your fellow members in opening up the Scriptures for a close look at His words.

It's time to call for Thrivent Choice Dollars at 800-847-4836 in order to redirect those dollars for the Third Quarter.

Thrivent members are offering a free 2016 calendar to members. Mail in the post card found in September's Thrivent magazine or order online by OCTOBER 10th.

For the Men's Group...
The Men's Group will begin a topical study, September 20th at The Trackside Restaurant, 7:00AM, and spend some informal time eating, praying, socializing, and talking about all kinds of different contemporary issues. The group goes until 8:30.

The Ladies Aid group will meet Thursday 1 at 6:30Pm
A quilting evening will be on October 13th and 27th at 6:00PM ask friends or neighbors who might need to know about the wonderful God who has died for you, washed you clean, walks with you, blesses you, and is right now preparing a very special place for you in heaven. So many do not know about Him yet. You might be that person to help plant a seed. Or come to renew your life of worship and praise to our awesome and incredible God. If your children are in Sunday School, invite a friend or neighbor to come along and experience music, prayer, and especially the Word as we explore new themes each week and make it come to life!! Adults and parents invited too!!!

Church Notes...

Sunday, October 4th after service.

B-Group... Packer Party at church October 18th

Family Fun Day at Ebert's Greenhouse. October 4th noon to three PM

Day Care Update

We have been in discussion of a Day Care at St. John's. But after many thoughts, opinions, and ideas, this will not be a possibility. So, we move forward in serving our Lord through other opportunities. We need to be praying for God to open eyes and ears for ways in reaching out to the community with the love, grace, and forgiveness that we share. Thanks to all who came to the meeting. God's peace and power be with all who meet in this special place.

Sunday School Begins!!

Sunday School began on September 13th. We still are looking for people to be in a "teaching pool" in order to assist the teacher, or perhaps you might like to be a person to teach a lesson, (provided), or to share your expertise in a lesson that uses that skill as a hands-on object lesson. We want to have as many people possible to be involved this year in the faith formation of our children and to bring the lessons to life. Please talk to Pastor with any questions or if you would like to share any special skills with a lesson.

Please join us for music first and then a Bible get together downstairs to bring God's Words to life.

PLEASE REMEMBER ............the families in need in our community by donating to the Ashippun Bread Basket. Just pick up an extra item while you are out shopping, and place it in the cart in the Narthex. The bulletin will keep you posted on specific needs that might arise. Thank you!

......TO YOU, MARION!!!!!!!!!

St. John's Congregation has been here for 130 years. During these years, Marion Redlin has been organist, handbell leader, and choir director for 54 of those years. Her dedication and love for the Lord have been guiding her and leading her along this time. We now can celebrate this special time with her. You are invited to a cake and coffee reception after the church service on Sunday, October 4th. "O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good; for His love endures forever." Thank you Marion for all that you have done for the congregation and for us.

Yummy Snacks....are always needed for Sunday School classes. Please talk to Pastor if you would like to bring some for Sunday
morning class.

still needs volunteers to stock shelves and serve clients. Please speak with Diane Mayhugh if this is something that you would like to do to serve the people around our community. You would be very appreciated!

THE PANTRY.....needs canned peas....and also jars of jelly. Both of these supplies are low. THANK YOU!

"Crown Him the Lord of Years...the Potentate of Time,

Creator of the rolling spheres ineffably sublime,

All hail Redeemer, Hail! Foe You have died for me!

Your praise and glory shall not fail throughout eternity!!

Therefore with angels and archangels and all the company of heaven, we laud and magnify your glorious name, evermore praising You and saying," Holy are you Lord. Heaven and earth are full of your glory! Hosanna in the highest. The Universe proclaims the greatness of Your power and love. HELP US TO CONTINUE TO SEE AND FIND THE THUMBPRINTS THAT YOU HAVE LEFT FOR US.

THE GOSPEL IN A NUTSHELL:"For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, so that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him". John 3:16-17
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