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Date Families Children Adults
Oct. 30 & Nov. 1 27 23 44
Nov.6 & 8 24 34 45
Nov. 13 & 15 20 26 41
Nov. 20 & 22 29 39 47
***Contact Info***
Diane Mayhugh 920-474-7143
President - St. Johnís Lutheran Church

Peggy Burow 920-474-4075
Vice-President & Volunteer Coordinator
St. Paulís Episcopal Church

Michelle Liesener 920-474-7385
Secretary & Volunteer Coordinator
Zion Lutheran Church

Rita Belisle 262-443-5970
Treasurer & Volunteer Coordinator
St. Catherineís Catholic Church

Pastor Gary Tillmann 920-474-4749
Spiritual Advisor - St. Johnís Lutheran Church

Tani Damrow 920-285-4190
NEW Volunteer Coordinator
St. Johnís Lutheran Church

Therese Guenther 920-474-7369
Volunteer Coordinator
St. Paulís Lutheran Church, Sugar Island

Sherry Sterr 920-650-7050
Fundraising Chair

Open Position
Publicity Chair

Open Pantry Volunteers
Starting in January, please have the clients update
all their information on the registration cards. Be
sure to verify with the proper ID. Ages 18 and over
are considered adults. If you know of a client with
special needs, please mark the card and offer items
from the specialty box that is in the back storeroom.

Volunteers are always welcome to attend the Board
meeting the third Thursday of every month at 7:15
pm at the Pantry. Input and ideas are appreciated.

Election of Board Officers
The terms for Vice-President and Treasurer are up
at the end of this year. Election will be at the
December Board meeting. All volunteers who have
volunteered through October are eligible to vote. If
you are unable to attend, an absentee ballot will be
available. If you would like to be on the
Nominating Committee, please contact Diane
Mayhugh as soon as possible.

Thank You
A big thank you goes to the Nominating Committee
(Rose Yauck and Sandy Borchardt) for their
dedication to the Pantry and for their hard work
making the numerous phone calls to volunteers.

Notes to be Aware of
Open pantry times are :
Thurs. 6-7p.m, Sat. 9-10:30 (1 shift)
There are no longer pre-packed bags
No more apartment deliveries
The road sign is no longer used

When leaving the Pantry, especially when it is dark
out, please use the Buddy System and leave
together. As always, be aware of your surroundings.

Reminder: Stocking needs to be done Wednesdays
after 3:30 or before 5:00 on Thursdays. The weekly
shopping items that need to be stocked are
delivered to the Pantry on Wednesdays around 3:30.

When stocking the shelves, please do not overstock.
The weight could bow the shelves or even pull the
shelves from the wall. Also, we will keep specialty
items like salt free or glutton free items in a
specially marked box in the back storeroom.

Questions or Concerns
If you have any questions or concerns about the
operation of the Pantry, please call any member of
the Board. The numbers are listed below, are on the
back of the Pantry brochure and are also in the
volunteer handbook that is located on the shelf
behind the front counter.

Located at W24457 Oak Street, Ashippun
Hours: Thursday 6:00-7:00 pm and Saturday 9:00-10:30 am
Send monetary donations to:
Ashippun Bread Basket Corp.,
PO Box 41, Ashippun, WI 53003
The Ashippun Bread Basket Corporation is incorporated as a
501(c) (3) non-profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible.

The Ashippun Bread Basket Corporation
is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit
organization, and all donations are tax-detuctable.
The election for President and Secretary was held at
the December 19th Board meeting.

Your 2014 officers are:
President: Diane Mayhugh
Vice President: Peggy Burow
Secretary: Michelle Liesener
Treasurer: Rita Belisle
Spiritual Advisor: Pastor Gary Tillmann

Send monitary donations to:
Ashippun Bread Basket Corp.
PO Box 41
Ashippun, WI 53003
Open Pantry Volunteers
Note: It is okay for you to say no to a client if they
are taking more than allowed. Also, it is okay to
tell children to not touch/move around the items on
the shelves or to ask them to sit on the chairs. The
volunteers are in charge! If any issues arise, please
let your volunteer coordinator know.

Safety First
As the days start getting shorter and it gets dark
earlier, please use the Buddy System and leave
Pantry together. As always, be aware of your

Donations Needed
The pantry would appreciate donations of jelly,
cereal, pancake mix and soup, and toilet paper.

It is everyoneís responsibility to keep the Pantry
neat and organized. Please break down the empty
boxes (you can use the box cutter) and take them
away along with the garbage and dispose
appropriately each day. The Ashippun recycle
center is open Saturdays till 2:00. You can recycle
the cardboard and if you mention the garbage came
from the Pantry, there will be no charge.

Reminder: Stocking needs to be done Wednesdays
after 3:30 or before 5:00 on Thursdays. The weekly
shopping items that need to be stocked are delivered
to the Pantry on Wednesdays around 3:30.

Brownberry/BMO Bakery - Oconomowoc
Widmerís Cheese Ė Theresa
Cedar Road Meats Ė Iron Ridge
Pickín Save Ė Oconomowoc
Jones Dairy Ė Fort Atkinson
The Turkey Club - Nashotah
Special thanks to Piggly Wiggly for the discounts

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