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Leadership Myths part 2
Last month I offered a few of the leadership myths and I want to continue that trend this month. Here are the next in the series of leadership myths: 6. Being in a job a long time makes one a leader. No! Does the person have 20 years of experience or a year of experience 20 times? 7. Education makes one a leader. No! There are people with 4.0 averages that have little leadership ability and there are people without a college education that are great leaders. 8. One has to be old to be a leader. No! Some people have a quick aptitude and very good intuitive and relational skills that make them early leaders. 9. Innovators are leaders. No! Not in every case. Many people have invented new products, but could not get them to the market. 10. Entrepreneurs are leaders. No! Not all company CEOs are good leaders of others.
11. Leaders know everything. No! However, they are often good at resourcing. They know where to get what is needed and they know how to bring the right people together to accomplish more than otherwise would be done. 12. Leaders are infallible. No! New leadership skills are often learned through mistakes. 13. Leaders only give orders.
No! The best leaders give more inspiration and give fewer commands. 3/7/13 Tina Gibson added, � � leaders lead by example (do what I DO, not do what I say!)�

Leland Elhard, a pastoral care professor of mine at Trinity Lutheran Seminary once said that sometimes we need to get out of the way and allow the Holy Spirit do its thing. My hope is that as we challenge the myths of leadership we begin to see that God created us all to walk a path of faith and that makes each of us a leader in our journey. What is keeping us from being the leader, faith example, God has created us to be? Are these myths simply masking our fears and doubts? Is God calling us to a deeper and perhaps more visible witness of God�s love? As we redefine leadership may our focus be on removing the stumbling blocks, obstacles, of growing in faith, love and obedience to the will of God.

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