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Lutherans Online Site of the Month: September, 2004
September 2004. We Prayerfully Thank Lutherans Online for this Honor
1889 - 2014
St. Jacobi Evangelical Lutheran Church, Brooklyn, NY
A Congregation principally serving the Madarin Chinese, Spanish and English speaking communities of the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, New York. Please look over the info about us and come visit or contact us to share in our worship and love for our Lord.
Welcome! You may browse public areas of our site.
Mission Statement
Adopted by the congregation January 26,2014

Welcome! 欢迎!¡Bienvenidos(as)!
St. Jacobi�s doors are open to all. We are a small but lively, welcoming and growing Christian community dedicated to building and sharing our faith through worship, small group ministry, outreach and service to our community. We celebrate the diversity of all people created in the image of God.


�Por lo tanto, acójanse unos a otros como Cristo los acogió para gloria de Dios.�
En San Jacobo las puertas están abiertas para todos. Somos una pequeña congregación Cristiana pero creciendo dinámicamente y con mucha hospitalidad, dedicada a edificar y compartir nuestra fe en la palabra de Dios, difundiendo sentimientos de piedad y servicio a la comunidad. Unidos celebramos la diversidad representada por todas las personas hechas en el imagen de Dios.
�Welcome one another therefore, as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.�


PASTOR: - Assigned Coverage Pastor - Rev. Dr. Gary Mills

Communiy Organizer - Rev. Juan Carlos Ruiz

Council President: Ms. Lelia Johnson

Organist: Ms. Constance Cooper

Worship Leaders: SUNDAYS
11am Worship Leader: Max Foong
11am The Word: Maliza Cheng
11am Communion: Rev. Kum Ho Lai (Emeritus)
5pm Full Worship: Rev.Dr. Gary Mills
6pm Full Worship: Rev.Dr. Gary Mills

Sunday School: Mrs. Fragrance Foong

Church Office:
(718) 439-8978 Please leave a message for a return call

Property Caretaker: Juan Carlos Ruiz

Please see the CALENDAR Page for the exact dates and times for Worship, Festivals and Sunday School.

Please see the NEWS & FUTURE ACTIVITIES Page 2 for current listings and details.

Please see the PAST ACTIVITIES Pages.


NEW to the Neighborhood?
VISITING the Neighborhood?
DON'T have a Home Congregation of your own?
In need of Pastoral Services?
You are MOST WELCOME to come and share in the Worhip and Praise with Communion on any Sunday. Or, call our Church Office for fastest Assistance. Or, CONSIDER joining our community and family at St. Jacobi to make it your own.




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This Week's Events
2/8  all day    Founding of the Boy Scouts of America
Anniversary of Founding of BSA in 1910
  9:00a    Lutheran Social Services
Office space for Staff in rear of Office. Office and Interview space in Tower Room
2/9  9:00a    Lutheran Social Services
Office space for Staff in rear of Office. Office and Interview space in Tower Room
2/10  all day    Transfiruration of Our Lord
Great/Principal Festival --- This is the day when Jesus and three Apostles are coverede by a bright cloud on the top of a mo...
  9:00a    Lutheran Social Services
Office space for Staff in rear of Office. Office and Interview space in Tower Room
2/11  9:00a    Lutheran Social Services
Office space for Staff in rear of Office. Office and Interview space in Tower Room
2/12  9:00a    Lutheran Social Services
Office space for Staff in rear of Office. Office and Interview space in Tower Room
2/13  6:00p    Luke Fellowship for Teen Youth & Adults
Followhip activities for Teen Youth and adults Saturday evings (EXCEPT last Saturday of every month) in the Auditorium starting ...
2/14  all day    'Cyril' and 'Methodeus.
Commemoration of --- Cyril, monk, 885; Methodius, bishop, 887; missionaries to the Slavs
  all day    Valentines Day
  9:30a    Morning Hospitality
Come before the start of Sunday Morning Bible Study for some Light Refreshment and to meet those participating in the Bible Stud...
  9:45a    Bible Study
Led by Maliza Cheng. This Fourth Term focuses on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Books of John. Come and Join us.
 11:00a    Sunday Worship - Mandarin/Cantonese/English
Regular Worship using a Chinese / English printed Woship speken together with readings in each Language and the WORD given spear...
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