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Getting to St. Jacobi's Location

Finding the St. Jacobi Church location by Car
St. Jacobi's Building is in Brooklyn, New York in the Sunset Park Neighborhood. Located on FOURTH AVENUE, between 54th & 55th STREETS. There are several Churches within a block of our Church, but, we are the one with the Steeple pointing high into the sky.

If you are coming from out-of-town or a different neighborhood in the City you need to find your way to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on the westside of Brooklyn. Exit at the (Southbound) 39th Street Exit, or (Northbound) at the 38th Street Exit.

IF EXITING AT 39th STREET - at the bottom of the Exit Ramp make a U-Turn to the left and go up 39th Street two (2) blocks to Fourth Ave. At Fourth Avenue make a Right turn onto Fourth Avenue and continue to 54th & 55th Streets.

IF EXITING AT 38th STREET - At the end of the Ramp you will come to Fourth Avenue. At Fourth Avenue make a Right turn onto Fourth Avenue and continue to 54th & 55th Streets.

PARKING: Parking is on the Street. Near the Church a parking spot in scarce. However, a better chance of a spot will be down towards, and perhaps on, Third Avenue.

A Map to Help Find St. Jacobi

To St. Jacobi by Public Transit

The "R" Fourth Avenue Local stops at 53rd Street at all times. When exiting the turnstile turn left and go up the stairs to the left. At the top of the stairs you should see the grey Church Steeple on the next block to guide you.

The "N" Sea Beach Express stops at 59th Street.
When exiting the turnstile turn left and go up the stairs to the right. Continue in this direction (North) until you arrive at the Church between 55th and 54th Streets.


B-9 to 5th Avenue & ^0th Street. Walk north on 5th Ave to 55th turn left down to 4th. The Church is across 4th Ave in the middle of the block (Grey Steeple)
B-11 to 4th Ave & 53rd Street Subway Stop. Church is to your left in middle of next block (see Steeple)
B-37 to 55th Street. Walk up to Fourth avenue and turn left to find Church (see Steeple)
B-63 to 54th Street (northbound) or 53rd Street (southbound). Walk down to Fourth Avenue and see Church across the Avenue to your left (see Steeple)

Link to Public Transit Website

Still have a Directions Question?
You still have a question for reaching St. Jacobi?

Weekdays during our Office hours you can call the Church Office with your questions and we will attempt to give you the information you seek.

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