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Lutherans Online Site of the Month: June, 2011.
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pembine, Wisconsin

Dedicated to Christ; committed to sharing God's love.
Pastor Doug's Contacts:
P.O. Box 535 Florence, Wis 54121
Office Telephone #: 715-528-4851
Home Telephone #: 715-528-4458
Cellphone #: 715-938-0962
Enjoy browsing through our website! We hope that it will provide you with lots of information about Grace Lutheran Church and our Christian message and mission for people in Pembine and the greater surrounding area!

We welcome you to this website –
We welcome you to Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church!
We look forward to meeting and welcoming you –
in person – as you visit us at Grace!

Come - and you will see”

John 1:31

Winter Office Hours
Office open Monday and Tuesday- 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday - 9:00 a.m. -12:00 noon
Saturday- Closed.
Pembine Office Telephone #: 715-324-5899
Come and You Will See...
Be sure to check the "Announcement" page for news and upcoming events!!
Enjoy looking at members activity's in "Highlights of Grace".
Our Interim Pastor Doug
Pictured below are Interim Pastor Doug Johnson and his wife, Elaine. Pastor Doug was born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago. He is currently serving as pastor at Bethlehem Lutheran Church and First Presbyterian Church both of Florence. He has served in Florence for 25 years and is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his ordination this fall. Pastor Doug is also currently serving in his second term as Secretary of the Northern Great Lakes Synod and by virtue of that office serves on the Synod Council and the Synod Executive Committee. He has served as an interim pastor in three previous settings: United, Crystal Falls; Bethany, Amasa & Trinity, Stambaugh; and most recently at Calvary in Quinnesec.
Pastor Doug is the Chief Deputy Coroner of Florence County and also serves as Chair of the Florence County Emergency Planning Committee. He recently retired from 23 years of service as an EMT on the Florence Rescue Squad.
Pastor Doug has been married to Elaine for 8 years and they have a grown son who lives in Green Bay. Pastor Doug enjoys reading novels, traveling, working in his yard, and being with his family.
We welcome you Pastor Doug!

From the Pastor
Sometimes big things are just small things accumulated

Take a walk in the woods and look at a big tree. What is it doing? Seems like nothing. Yet something momentous is happening. The tree is turning sunlight and soil into wood, one cell at a time. That is how it got to be a big tree. You cannot, on any given day, watch a tree grow; but there it stands, proving the power of small things accumulated.
Constructive change is almost never sudden. Try thinking about changes that happen quickly. When I did, I thought of tornadoes, earthquakes and dynamite- all essentially destructive forces. If there is a "sudden change" that we think is good- a birth, a graduation, a wedding, a job promotion- it is seldom a big change in itself. Rather, it marks the end of one gradual process, and the beginning of another. On the other hand, God sometimes does bring about quick, constructive change. We've all heard stories of lives that were suddenly transformed by an encounter with Jesus. God can and does work rapid improvement in believers, or even whole churches. Praise the Lord for this! Note that these things are miraculous, like healing the blind or turning water into wine. With greater openness to God's Spirit we might see more such wonders.
That said, often the big things are just small things accumulated. God wants to see growth in our lives, and growth by nature happens bit by bit. some of God's favorite means for working among us are plain-looking things like regular worship, habitual prayer, or daily time in God's Word.
In my own life, one significant factor for growth has been the habit of reading from the Bible every night before going to bed. I don't take a lot of credit for this; it was just something god established in my heart over thirty-five years ago. the average time spent has been small, often just between ten and fifteen minutes per night. But even at ten minutes, that adds up to over 22,500 hours so far- which is over 900 days, over two- and a-half years.
When I first started, the result of this was mostly that I became familiar with the overall flow of the Bible's story. Then as the Holy Spirit got a greater hold on me the reading became a major shaping force. But interestingly, these short devotional times have almost never been dramatic, inspirational events. Instead, subtle things happen- such as a word of comfort or correction or even curiosity (as in, "I wonder why Joab responded to David in that way?") The really great thing has been the power of small things accumulated.
At this point I could imagine some reader being discouraged. You may be thinking you are now old and it is too late for the cumulative power of small things. I would encourage you to look at it differently. It is never too late to make changes, and even a small change could make a big difference.
Because sometimes big things are just small things accumulated.

By Pastor Doug Norquist
Community Lutheran Church

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