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Welcome to St. John's!

St. John Lutheran Church has served the Evans Community for 72 years and we pray to continue that ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ for another 69 years. St. John supports the ministry of OGN, The Lutheran Hour and many others. We are a family orientated church that focuses on bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

We invite you to celebrate with us by visiting our church as well as our web site. We welcome you into the worship of our Savior every Sunday and throughout the week's activities.

Rev. Donald A. Loos, Pastor

Mrs. Janet McCauley - Secretary

962 Gold Street - Angola NY 14006
716.549.2144 - Church
716.549.1062 - Parsonage
716.472.2964 - Emergency


Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

The month of August is a very exciting time around here at St. John.

The first reason is the �SKY� Vacation Bible School on August 13th through the 17th. We have a great staff put together under the direction of Mrs. Noel Anderson and we are praying that many children come and we encourage you to bring your neighbor kids. It runs from 9 am to 12 noon except for Monday we will go to 12:20 pm in order to get everything in. You are invited to come for the closing event each day at around 11:35 except for Monday it will be around 11:50 am. If anyone would like to support their mission program you may donate money to it. The mission program is buying Mosquito Nets For Africa. We will be working with the Lutheran Malaria Initiative in order to do this.

Secondly, we want to thank you for all your support both financially and in the donating of the items. All items have been donated (Christian Stickers). Thank You again. We can still use two helpers.

The second reason for the excitement is that we are busily working on the new Theme for September �12 through August of �13. The theme is FIT; �FAITH IN TRAINING�; Our Theme Verse iS HEBREWS 12:1 � �Run The Race With Perseverance�; Our Theme Hymn Is �FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT� LW 299. During the month of August the committees and individuals will be working hard to plan their program under this theme. More will be forthcoming in the end of August.

The third reason for the excitement is the welcoming of Vicar Ken Zitsch and his family. He will be moving here on July 31st and will begin his work that week. It will take a couple of weeks for Pastor and the Vicar to work out schedules and duties but this can be a very meaningful time for the church, Pastor and the Vicar. We hope you will welcome him and his family in our midst. This will be a growing time for us all and I believe he will have a lot to offer to our church and to Trinity in Silver Creek. We will have a luncheon in August/September to welcome him and his family.

Also, even though I began my term as Circuit Counselor of the Lakeshore Circuit in June, I will receive my formal training in August. This is a very exciting time for me since I have never been involved with the District or Synod on this level in my 36 years of ministry. I have already installed a Pastor and am in the process of planning our Circuit Mtgs. and gatherings. Please keep me in your prayers through this.

Concerning my health, there are good days and not so good days. They have figured out the issues and I am under treatment. So I am looking forward to August being a great month, filled with energy and clear mind.

Finally, I do want you to know that I am still your Pastor at St. John, even though I may cut back on my time in the office and in the field, I will still be preaching, making calls, planning services and working with various groups and individuals and teaching classes. I will be supervising the Vicar and carrying out other obligations. It sounds to me that I need to get better organized in order to do what still lies before me and you. I am looking forward to this time with you and I hope you realized that I have not left but that I am still here carrying out the ministry of St. John with the help of the Vicar and you. There will be some changes & adjustments but most of all there will be growth as we become more familiar to this addition to our church ministry.

In His Love,

Rev. Donald A. Loos

Vacation Bible School 2012 "SKY"
VBS will be held August 13th through the 17th. "With God All Things are Possible" If you wish to register please contact St. John Lutheran Church @ 549-2144. This program is for children 3 years old thru those entering 7th grade. If you register by August 12the you will receive a free music disc for this year's program. After August 12th they will cost $5.00.
Collecting Aluminum Can Tabs
The Youth are gathering aluminum can tabs. These will be donated to the Buffalo Ronald McDonald House. Ronald McDonald house turns the tabs in for money which is then matched.
St. John's Church Picnic

The church picnic will be held on Sunday, July 15th at Camp Pioneer. Please bring a dish to share. The fellowship comittee will supply the meat, drink and rolls. There will be a slip and slide and a bounce house. Our vicar and his family will be in attendance. Come join us for a day of fun and to welcome him to our church family.
Benjamin Loos' Ordination

Benjamin Loos was ordained into the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ on March 17, 2012 at 3Pm at his home church St. John Evangelical Lutheran in Angola, NY. This ordination was blessed with many family, friends and area pastor's who all took part in rejoicing with Ben's call into the ministry. From the music to the sermon, to the rite of ordination the Holy Spirit could be felt. Ben's divine class is to two Connecticut parishes: Zion Lutheran in Bridgeport and First Lutheran in Greenwich. May the Lord bless Ben, Christine and Josiah as they carry out the Lord's work.
Sunday School has Adopted a Child
The Sunday School has adopted a child from Kenya. His name is Musa Lomukengole. During Lent the children will be filling their coin boxes to support this child by placing their pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in the box. We are asking them to return the boxes on either Palm Sunday, April 1st or on Easter Sunday, April 8th. There is a donation box in the narthex under the mail boxes. Thank you for your support is this wonderful sharing project.

Sunday School Classes are at 9:15 am on Sunday Mornings.
They begin in the church with a brief opening and then go into their classes. Everyone is encouraged to come.

Morning Worship Service begin at 10:30 AM
Begining on June 24the we will have early church at 9:00AM and a 10:30 service for the summer months. Sunday School will be held during the late service for the summer.
Adult Bible Study will begin at 9:45 during the summer months.


New Class(es) will begin in March. A new class will begin March 8th, Thursday at 6 PM. Another class is trying to from for March 6th, Tuesday at 6 PM. For more information please call Maxine at 716-549-1062.

Once a month we will have anointing with oil during our church service for healing. This will normally be done once a month on the 4th or 5th Sunday. feel free to come and feel the healing power of the Lord.
2011-2012 Theme: Legacy Of A Firm Foundation

The Church Council, Committees, Officers have set the Theme as 'Legacy Of A Firm Foundation'. Encouraging each person to build their Foundation in Jesus and leave a Legacy to their families, community and world. Our Sub-Theme is The Legacy Revealed--Jesus, The Light in this Epiphany Season.

Theme Verse Is Deuteronomy 6:9-12

Current Sub-theme: The Legacy Laid & Secured in Jesus

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Bulletin Notes are due by 7:30 AM on Thursdays. Thank You.
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