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What more haunting words could any person speak than "My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?" How could we endure a moment if our Creator would turn His back and ignore our every plea? Where would we turn for help, comfort, and solace if we could not turn to God?
Sadly there are many moments in life where it seems God has forsaken us. We cry out to God in the midst of illness, financial struggles, unemployment, family problems, yet nothing changes. We wonder if God has heard us-or might He have forsaken us too?
This Lenten season we study those dreadful words coming from the lips of God's only-begotten Son Jesus Christ as He hangs on the cross. But that was not the first time Jesus uttered those words. A thousand years before He spoke those very words through His great ancestor King David. The great psalmist faithfully recorded Jesus' words in the twenty-second psalm. This psalm vividly predicts His bitter sufferings, death, and resurrection. It will be the source of our Lenten devotions as we explore the depths of our Savior's sacrifice for us. (Beginning March 5th)

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Thrivent Donation:
A $500.00 donation was made from our
Thrivent Choice Dollars Account to the
Ashippun Food Pantry. Thank you Thrivent
Members for your participation in this program.

Good Friday Tenebrae (Service of Darkness) will be @ 7:00.
Easter Morning we will celebrate
our Lordís Resurrection @ 6:00 and 9:30.
Both services will offer Holy Communion.
The Youth Group will have a breakfast from 7:00 until 8:30.

The Malinda Schure Family would like to thank all of you
for your thoughts and prayers, and for the donations of
food and for the help during the funeral luncheon.
Your support was greatly appreciated.
MAUNDAY THURSDAY we will have a Seder meal and script of the Passover meal beginning @ 5:00. We will then have our Maundy Thursday communion service @ 7:00. (Please see the display in the narthex for more information to sign up for the meal.

GOOD FRIDAY TENEBRAE(Service of Darkness) will be @ 7:00

EASTER MORNING We will celebrate our Lordís resurrection @ 6:00 and 9:30. Both services will offer Holy Communion. The Youth Group will have a breakfast from 7:00 until 8:30.

And so it begins (3-5): our journey to Calvary called Lent. Our 40 days of fasting and contemplation to prepare us for a sober and meaningful observance of Good Friday, and the triumphant joy of Easter to follow. But for now, we put on the purple, put away the Alleluias, and focus all the more closely on our sin and our need for repentance, and for our Savior. This Lenten season our meditations will focus on the hymn: ďLamb of God, Pure and HolyĒ (TLH Page 146) and the different phrases used in that hymn that teach us of Christ.
Lent Service will be on Wednesday evenings @ 7:00. The dates and phrases are as follows;
Ash Wednesday: Pure and Holy
3-12: The Crucified Lamb of God
3-19: The Patient Lamb of God
3-26: The Lowly Lamb of God
4-2: The Lamb of God who Suffers Scorn
4-9: The Lamb of God who Bears Away our Sin

Annual Youth Rummage Sale
May 16 - 17
Items will start to be collected after Easter.
Watch for further details.
Worship Service Schedule
9:30 A.M. Sunday
Sunday School 8:00a.m.

St. Johnís is sponsoring a paper drive for the Ashippun Bread Basket. Please donate paper items such as Kleenex, toilet paper, paper towels, paper platesÖ anything paper for those in need residing in our community. Help us reach our goal of collecting 100 items by January 26th. Thank you for your support!

St. Johnís Ladies Aid invites you to join us in collecting needed items for the Place of Refuge. Hit those after Christmas sales for anything baby. Please place the items in the dresser in the narthex. Thank you for your support!

We are looking for people to donate about one Thursday a month to deliver a noon meal to people. You would pick up the food warmer at St. Catherineís, go to Shorehaven, pick up the food and deliver it. There are currently 2 people in our area we deliver. This only takes 1 to 1-1/2 hrs. of your time approximately once a month, and makes such a difference for the people you deliver to.
Please call Sara Weber at 920-285-1174 or 920-474-7382 if you are able to give some of your time for something so rewarding.
Welcome to St. John's Lutheran Church

Worship time:
Sunday morning at

9:30 September through May

8:30 June through August

Wednesday Evening at 7:00 June-August

We celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion every Sunday and Wednesday Worship Service

Our Pastor is Gary Tillmann

Phone: 920-474-4749


Our address: N1245 St. John's Way
Oconomowoc, WI. 53066

We are located on the corner of Highway 67 and County Rd. EE North of Ashippun Wisconsin

Some information about our church
We are a small rural congregation of about 320 members. God knows your name and so will we!

When you are with us; you are family.

Please join us when you are in town!

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"Holy Mackerel" 7/30/13
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