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First St John's Lutheran Church

Christ's disciples in downtown York, Pa.
140 W King St across from William Penn High School, downtown York

Jesus Christ our Savior who defends us from the world

This is First Saint John's Church at 140 W King St in York Pa.
The mission of this church is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

To worship and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.
Our major objective is for all to know Jesus as Lord and be an effective magnet involving lives for Jesus Christ.

Pastor Rev. Jim Driskell
cell phone 717.386.3698

Pastor Emeritus Rev. Edward Devan

Minister of Music, Education Ken Sanders

Emeritus Musician John Pfeiffer

Director of Christian Education Sharon Hennig

Church e-mail
Church phone 717.843.8597
140 West King St. York, Pa. 17401

Worship Sunday Morning Matins 8:30, liturgical worship 10:30 am
Bible Study Sunday Morning 9:00am
Bible Study Wednesday Morning 10:00am Christian in the Workplace
Youth Group Thursday nights 6pm
Prayer Meeting Sunday 1:30pm
Matins worship Thursday 8:45am
Kickboxing classes Thursday afternoon 3pm - 5pm
Individual confession Thursday 5:30pm
Self - Defense classes with Jose Montalvo Saturdays 11am
Lutheran Spirituality Thursday 7pm
Lutheranism 101 please call to arrange
Basketball at St John's on the Hill Sundays 6pm
employment support group Thursday 11am

First Saint John's Church in York, Pa.

You can't get what you need through the Internet, television or radio, everyoone needs Jesus Christ and to know Him as their personal Savior.

We are a very welcoming church and we want to help you to know Jesus. Come in and talk to our Pastor Jim and become part of the Body of Christ here at First St Johns Church.
We are also a church that believes in serious worship, liturgical worship.

Worship should always be focused on God, the time honored traditions of worship are observed here, we want worship to be glorifying to God, honoring to God and reminding us of the greatness and glory of God. People say that they have truly worshipped after our Sunday morning service.

There is such a hunger today for truly coming into the presence of God, to be truly led by the Holy Spirit. Too often we think that worship should be entertainment, and then we find that it does not answer the deeper issues of life. When we come before God and worship Him, we understand that He guides us, He gives us the faith that we need, He keeps us focused on Him and helps us to trust in what He is doing in our life.

Come and find out what real worship, real time in Christ is. Join us for worship at 10:30am. Matins worship is Sunday mornings at 8:30 and Thursday morning at 8:45

140 years of Christian ministry own this historic keepsake

A great keepsake of one of York's historic sites and of a church that has been the home of Christian ministry for 140 years. This is a great office, home, den decoration, a great gift and also to support First St John's ministry. Please call the office at 843.8597 or stop in, certainly welcome to worship.
Our pastor Jim Driskell

Pastor Jim, wife Marge and the Youth Group at the Tending the Flame conference.
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More sermons from First St Johns
To hear more sermons from First St Johns and our pastor Jim Driskell click on the link below
Sound Cloud
Where we worship the Lord Jesus Christ 140 West King St
Completed in 1875, our church building is one of the most impressive historic landmarks in York, Pa.It was designed by the J.A. Dempwolf architectural firm, which is one of the most successful and influential architectual firms in York County history.We are celebrating the church's 140th anniversary along with our sister churches St Johns and Good Shepherd. We will be holding special worship services on Oct 18. Check calendar for further announcements.

We believe in the power of prayer here, we have our prayer breakfast on Tuesday mornings and prayer meeting on Sunday evenings. Please hold up the following in prayer and let us know if you would like to make additions.
Lord please bless, comfort and if it be Your will heal those of our friends and family.

Pastor Ed Devan- cancer / back
Mike Leach
Bonnie Abendschoen


Lord we thank You that you have healed the following. Thank You Lord for Your gracious mercy, and for the gift of Your Son

Lord watch, bless and protect those who are serving in our military. Please comfort and assure them of Your presence.
Charles Barrow- U. S. Army
Daniel Torres- U. S. Army Iraq
Caleb Hunderd- U. S. Navy
Isaiah Davidson US Army injured in Iraq
Mark McMichael U.S. Navy
Josiah Ramey US Army
Jason Rohrbaugh USMC
Kevin Kelly USAF
Nicholas Bennett US Army
Sarah Burke US Army
Eric Beckman US Army
Donald Lambert US Army
Jose Montalvo US Army
Jake Scott US Army Afghanistan
Christoph Otten Md Nation Guard, active duty Chaplain
Our Pastor
Lay Leaders
Our prayer warriors

Contact us for updated information 717.386.3698 First St Johns 140 W King St, York, Pa
Grief Share, support for those in mourning
If you have lost a loved one, spouse, family, friend, anyone whose death you have just not come to terms with, this group will help you deal with your loss and provide you with the support and care of others dealing with loss too. The only charge is $15 for a workbook, but don't let that keep you from joining, one will be provided. To learn more about Grief Share click on this address. Groups start on a regular basis. Please contact the church office at 717.843.8597 for updated information, or our FaceBook page. This will not be a large group and some people have already signed up, and may God richly bless you.
Lutheran Theology discussion
Old and new members, a great combination

Self - Defense and Kickboxing with Jose Montalvo and Pastor

Welcome to our new Director of Music Ken Sanders

We are very excited about Ken joining us, Ken is planning lots of things, new music, Senior and Junior Choirs, maybe even a bell choir somewhere in the future.
Sarah Arbogast

Staff Reporter

4:07 p.m. EDT, April 7, 2011
YORK� Losing a job doesn't only create financial challenges; it takes a toll on a person both mentally and emotionally. That is why members of a York church are offering a support group for the unemployed.

Jim Driskell, pastor at First St. John's Lutheran Church, says the class provides job search resources, as well as encouragement and hope.

"This is a group that is designed not only to help you find a job, it is also ultimately to realize you're not the only person there, you're not the only person dealing with the problems," said Driskell.

A handful of people showed up to participate in the class. Mark Stephens, who has been unemployed since 2009, drove from the Gettysburg area. He says he is hoping the group helps him grow his computer skills.

"As you know, the job market has changed, not all the jobs are going to be found through the paper or even through word of mouth, it is mostly through the Internet now," said Stephens.

Besides basic computer skills, Driskell says the class covers creating resumes, job interview techniques, and ways to network.

"It helps to have support, a lot of support from people who are going through the same," said Gregory Markey, who is looking for work.

The support group for people unemployed or under employed meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM at First St. John's Lutheran Church located at 140 W. King Street in York. To register, call the church at 717-843-8597.
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Many people are unemployed or underemployed. We have a support group for those who are currently looking for work. It is often a lonely, uncertain and intimidating time. Being able to share with those who are going through it will help you know that you're not the only one. It will also give group members an opportunity to network and share prospects and to help each do the work of finding work. The group meets on Thursdays at 11am Contact Pastor Jim for more information and to discuss further.

These are Chrismons, they are decorations that are about different parts of Jesus' life. If you need more info ask Mary Lynn

Rebecca Picardo and daughter with some great solos for the season, "Mary did you know"

Ordination processional
Led by crucifer Bob Seen and Carlos Beck acolyte
Pastor Jim's wife Marge placing the stole for the first time.

Ordination and installation

Ordained and installed by President Dr Jon Diefenthaler and Circuit Counselor Dr Michael Ramey

First benediction
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