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Immanuel Lutheran Church, Altenburg, MO
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Altenburg, MO
Family congregation serving the East Perry community since 1857
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For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing,
but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
1 Corinthians 1:18
It is that time of year that we remember and celebrate the most important week in history, what the Church has traditionally called "Holy Week." Come and join us as we look at the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Palm Sunday-March 24 9am
We look at Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem as He rides on the foal of a donkey, and the people pave the road with palms and coats, and they shout "Hosanna!" As is customary in our Church, we will also be holding a special Rite of Confirmation, for our confirmands who will now become confirmed members.

Maundy Thursday-March 28 7pm
This is the night in which Christ was betrayed and arrested, but also instituted that wonderful Sacrament of the Altar. We gather to celebrate with the whole Church this wonderful gift as we receive the Body and Blood of Christ for the forgiveness of our sins. And our confirmands will celebrate and receive the Sacrament for the first time.

Good Friday-March 29 7pm
We gather to remember this day, as we retrace the steps of Christ leading to His crucifixion and death. We celebrate this in mourning, although it is Christ's death that forgives us our sins, we celebrate as if unaware of the resurrection, and enter and leave in silence.

Easter Vigil-March 30 5:30pm
This has been a historic service, taking us from the mourning of Good Friday to the glory of Easter. It is also a day for remembering our baptisms, as in the 4th and 5th centuries, with a rise in adult catechumens, this was the day they would be baptized.

EASTER-March 31 9am
We gather with all the Church in celebrating Christ's glorious resurrection from the dead on the third day since He was executed. Although we remember this everyday, and every Sunday as a remembrance of Easter, we especially gather to celebrate this day that Christ is Risen, and He will return to raise us in the same way to everlasting life.

Mission for March: Evangelical Lutheran Church in Liberia

For the month of March, our door collection mission will be going to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Liberia. It is quite literally to put a roof over their head.

As this Church continues to grow into many rural and poor areas, they are struggling to build churches where they can gather together for worship. They can easily get most of the materials to build locally and cheaply. However many struggle to purchase the materials for a roof, which during the rainy season is vital.

We as a circuit have decided to work together to help raise funds for our brothers and sisters in the faith in Liberia, and will be raising funds to send to them so that they can build roofs over their heads. As well as we lift them up in our prayers as they continue to proclaim the Gospel.

The Saxon New World-Our History!
As many now look to the past, and see their ancestry, here is a look at the founding of this community and the founding of what would become the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Follow the link below to watch a short documentary on the history of Saxon immigration and the people that settled here.
The Saxon New World
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5/25  7:00p   Monday Night Bible Study
5/28 10:00a   Thursday Morning Bible Study
5/31  8:00a   Sunday School & Adult Bible Study
  9:00a   Worship Service
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